My name is Omar Beshir. I am 39 years old and always had a passion for art and the media.

Recently my lens has concentrated on the instantaneity, spontaneity and multiplicity of the street environment. I have been experimenting with HDR photography and learned to produce unique digital images. 

Due to the sheer vastness of the street, it has now become necessary to define clear objectives when I photograph in this environment. The need for this is demonstrated by the variety and random nature of the street photography in this section but this doesn’t mean I’m all about the streets. I have covered many areas and styles of photography and I am able to deliver on your requirements.


I graduated from Cromer High School in 1993 with GCSE’s in Art and Media Studies and decided to develop my interest and enrolled to Norwich City College in 1995 where I studied Media Studies and in 1997 I graduated with a BTEC diploma in the subject.

In 2000 gained employment at what was the Norwich Union, where I worked in a laser printing department. In 2008, under the new brand of Aviva, my department was outsourced to a company called Williams Lea which is where I am still employed now.

But my day job doesn’t give me the scope to express myself artistically, hence the birth of ‘Deep Ink Photography’.

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